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blue perfume bottle_edited.jpg

   Over 30 years, Jason Curtis has been drawn to the heat, the glow, the movement of glass as if it is a dance. Discovering his inner soul as the magic of glass unveils itself within him. Always looking to learn and master the many techniques that glass has to offer. Jason has been using 2000 degree molten glass as a language to express himself. Creating pieces that are made in layers similar to the chapters of life. His works combine both functional and sculptural influences to create design of line resembling fluidity.

   As a glass maker, his goal of producing his own style, designs that emphasis movement, fragility, and line keeps him challenged through trial and error. Intrigued by all the different processes in glass, all contain the usage of color that enhances its qualities.  From this he has developed his own signature in glass. A specific design that has progressed over the years. Constantly pushing the properties of glass to its limitations to make a vision of line be on its own. The relationship with heat, fire, and balance that creates an unspoken unity.  Such qualities have inspired him from the beginning creating a spark within him.

   To have the freedom of design to create allows him to explore his goals in glass. Appreciating finished works that are achieved using various processes  which inspires him to take his work up and beyond the norm. Creating optical qualities causing glass to look magical.

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